New Year, New Energy, New Look, Same Great Company!

These days, when someone tells you that they’ve updated their website or better yet, launched one, there is somewhat of an eye roll that occurs followed by thoughts of “Good for you” or “Welcome to the present, so glad you could join us!” As a business, having a space where people can meet you where you are, and understand what you do, is essential. It is not only essential, but it shows that as an organization you value connection. That’s why, while we’re excited to share with you that our website does have an updated look, we also want you to know that we are taking a fresh perspective to the way we engage with you.

We are excited to launch a new website! That is for sure. This is one of those moments where we will be transparent and openly admit that a fresh look has been well-overdue. Possibly, for decades. While the website does showcase new flair and a new energy, BCC is the same great company we have always been! In fact, did you know that BCC has been around since 1983? YUP! While we’re not a relic, we have been around the block a few times, and it just keeps getting better.

The longevity of our company and staff allows us to boast that we have Senior Management employees with 20+ years of experience and sustained employment here. Our engagement with benefits management is not only supported by a seasoned staff, but a longstanding history of collaborating with and helping clients solve complex HR and benefit related challenges. We’re looking to take that same valued connection we have internally and extend it out to you.

Of course, whether it is an update of our website or branding, there is a perpetual newness to any organization and we are no stranger to that. We have new employees joining forces with those who have longevity, and a new technological platform for those in need of a system with administrative bells and whistles that positions itself astutely alongside one that is longstanding.

Launching a website is a medium through which we hope to provide you an informative space to land, but it is so much more than that to us. It is where we hope to not only teach you about what we do, but how we do it and who at BCC is behind the scene doing it. Outside of working with you directly, this is our most valued point of connection!

In addition to the website, we are also excited to share that we will be taking a much more intentional role with our social media presence. Be prepared for exposure! Yup - more BCC and more often! Not only will you be able to distinguish what we do via www.BCCBenefitSolutions.com but you will also be able to see inside our company, what we do, how we do it, who are our employees milestones or celebrations, testimonials, what worked, what didn’t, when we learn, and what is influencing trends in the TPA space; be it governmental impact or broker, client, and employee related information.

Allow us to take this opportunity to say, “Hello! Welcome, to a New Year, a new look and new energy, with the same great company!” We’re so happy that you’re here and we look forward to continued growth, expansion, and connection, with you.”

To stay connected with us, please feel free to check back bi-weekly for updated blog posts and shares. Or, follow us on LinkedIn and feel free to engage with us!

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