Automate COBRA management 
As an employer you are responsible for engaging employees, managing costs and navigating complex, ever-changing regulations. Our TotalWorks axiom of everything benefits, all in one place, includes integrated COBRA administration reducing the hassle of multiple systems and giving both you and your employees peace of mind solutions. 


For more than 95% of our clients, COBRA is managed through the same TotalWorks platform as their enrollment and eligibility. This simplifies the qualifying event process from start to finish – employer notification triggers communication to employees, documentation, compliance, enrollment, direct billing, time period tracking, payment collection and carrier remittance. 

• No messy file exchanges with other vendors 
• COBRA eligible participants have toll-free access to our COBRA case managers for

questions and assistance to get the coverage they need 
• All insurance carriers are updated  

In addition, COBRA private exchanges are available to provide the ability to compare individual plan options during the qualifying event conversion process. Our licensed agent response center can consult directly with participants facing these qualifying events and if successful, can minimize the risk to the employer while resting easy that their former employees are being taken care of. 

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Since 1983, BCC has been a leading provider of solutions connecting Human Resources, Benefit Management, Specialty Administrative Services and Private Benefit Exchanges. We invest in the latest technology and infrastructure to exceed industry demands and to help us engineer a solution that will enable our clients to make better decisions.

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