Delivering complex billing solutions…simply.  

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Let’s be honest. Managing benefits billing is vitally important, but it’s one of your least favorite tasks. Aside from the fact that it taps valuable resources each month - managing multiple carrier bills, a variety of contribution schedules, complex coverage formulas, timely tracking of retro activity and then reconciling each coverage is painful. 

BenXcel’s (or TotalWorks) powerful financial engine simplifies and consolidates all of these processes and coverages into a single, automated, timely and accurate invoice that is reconciled to each coverage and carrier each month. Or using the Billing Ready feature to generate reports giving you multiple solutions that you can trust while saving your organization time and money. 

Close the reporting loop…simply.  
TotalWorks gives you the ability to reliably export automated election and deduction reports to keep your payroll system synchronized. Using your personalized report calendar, they arrive in the exact format you need at the exact time you need them.