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The Family Advantage Plan Delivers Better Benefits. At Lower Costs.

You’ve seen the headlines and are likely experiencing the pain yourself; healthcare costs are exorbitantly expensive and continuing to rise. For employers, your benefits package is a key recruitment and retention strategy: one that employees rely on. The Family Advantage Health Plan is an innovative health plan option that offers better benefits at lower costs, without having to change coverages, networks, or deductibles on your benefits program.

Elegantly Simple

Easy to launch & easy to enroll.

The Family Advantage Plan is easy. Employees who are enrolled in your health plan, but are eligible for coverage on another plan, simply elect the other coverage as their new primary plan. Next, they enroll in The Family Advantage Health Plan through your company and receive two key incentives:

  1. 100% reimbursement of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance of the other plan through an HRA.

  2. An optional PMPM payroll bonus to offset any added premium costs of the other plan. 

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Employers Save Money, Without Plan Changes.

Employers love The Family Advantage Health Plan because it saves money in a measurable way, without making cuts to your current benefits package.

Key Differences

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Smart Eligibility Criteria

Employers only pay for enrolled members to move, not for employees who have already waived your plan’s coverage

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Measurable ROI

See an average net savings of 10 – 15% of your entire health plan costs. ROI is measured quarterly, so you see the impact to your plan and bottom line. Best of all? If you don’t save, you won’t pay a dime.

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Easy For HR Teams

There is minimal lift to offer this benefit. BCC’s powerful reimbursement platform, SmartCare, automates on-going maintenance of the plan.


My SmartCare: More Than Just An App

Learn more about how My SmartCare helps employees be better health care consumers by delivering essential insights about their spending and recommending opportunities to save.

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Employee Costs Decrease

Employees see significant cost savings with The Family Advantage Health Plan. With 100% reimbursement of deductibles, copays, or coinsurance costs, their health plan costs are lower, putting more money back into their pocket. The optional per member, per month payroll bonus offsets any additional premium costs employees might see on the new plan.

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Reimbursement Is Easy

It’s easy for employees to get reimbursed for covered expenses. Through the Family Advantage Health Plan Debit Card, employees simply pay for the expense at the time of the event. The debit card only works for covered expenses, protecting the account and taking the guesswork out of payments.

The easy-to-use online portal and mobile app offer employees another option for submitting reimbursements by snapping and uploading a picture of their receipt or explanation of benefits.

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Get A Competitive Advantage with Family Advantage Plan

Attract and retain top talent with your benefits plan, while still controlling costs. As a voluntary add-on, the Family Advantage Plan can be offered to your employees without any other changes to your benefits program. The advantage is clear: better benefits, lower costs, easy administration.

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