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BCC has built the company and its reputation on providing innovative, meaningful technology wrapped by experienced, benefits knowledgeable leadership who are dedicated to executing a plan specifically designed for each employer. These core action elements have driven our values and vision and continue to this day. 

Yes, there are many similarities between employers and benefits, yet inevitably unique characteristics will arise that, if solved for, can make a difference. BCC takes the time to seek and uncover these characteristics and engineers a solution creating a significant impact to the delivery of their employee benefits. In the process, BCC becomes an extension of their HR Department, empowers their culture, and creates sustainable ROI.  

At BCC, we embrace forward innovation and momentum that only growth can provide, yet we continue to allow our core values and vision drive our actions by managing growth under the premise that a company that builds scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders succeed over time.   

Throughout our 35+ years, BCC has continued to strategize and drive our technical vision, work with industry partners to improve consumer experience, add products and services that are delivered in one place while never compromising service for growth. We talk constantly about being on the curve, not ahead of it. This protects and keeps our clients safe while using proven and vetted technologies without giving up innovation. These actions keep BCC competitive and relevant in an ever-changing industry.


Innovative, meaningful technology wrapped by experienced, benefits knowledgeable leadership who are dedicated to executing a plan specifically designed for each employer.


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