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The My SmartCare platform helps employees get the most value from every healthcare dollar they spend or save. Available on mobile or online, users get access to low-cost, high-quality options that are personalized to them. My SmartCare delivers a better experience and makes your employees smarter healthcare consumers.

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Personalized Guidance

My SmartCare gives employees personalized recommendations that helps them navigate their unique healthcare journey


Real-time insights

Employees get accurate, up-to-the-minute data and insights about their account, helping them save more healthcare dollars


Easy Navigation

Our app simplifies decision-making by connecting health and wealth resources in a simple, superior, and intuitive employee experience


Easy Set-Up

My SmartCare offers a guided experience that fully onboards your employees upon login. Users can easily register their phone for text alerts, add direct deposit information, load their virtual medicine cabinet, specify chronic conditions, and identify their company's health plan and benefits. Learn more in our webinar.

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Powerful Self-Service Capabilities

My SmartCare gives employees access to the powerful self-service capabilities they depend on. Employees can view account balances, pay bills, submit claims, and more all in one place.


Track Accounts Effortlessly

At the tap of a finger, My SmartCare makes it easier than ever to view account balances, see recent transactions, manage debit cards and more, all in real-time. Employees get instant access to the information they need most.

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Personalized Opportunities To Save

My SmartCare's opportunities feed promotes activities that drive value for your employees. Users get a list of recommendations to improve their Smart Score, helping them become a smarter healthcare consumer. Opportunities range from switching to direct deposit, to uploading prescriptions to their medicine cabinet for insights on how to save by using their GoodbuyRx card, different pharmacies, and more.

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Real-Time Cost & Care Insights

MySmartCare offers transparency tools to help employees maximize their healthcare dollars for the best possible care and price. The app helps employees find providers in their area for specific procedures, based on quality ratings. Plus, with predictive analytics, users see how chronic conditions impact their costs so they can make informed decisions on how to save for their long term medical care.

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Save With The Virtual Medicine Cabinet

My SmartCare's medicine cabinet is a one-stop-shop for prescription savings. Users add their prescriptions and get recommendations on which pharmacies in their area are cheapest. When available, generic drugs are recommended for additional savings.

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