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BCC is committed to providing our Broker and Consultant partners with unique offerings that help your clients control costs and keep their employees happy, healthy, and engaged.

Our innovative and flexible Consumer-Directed Health Benefit Accounts can help your clients reach their goals. As healthcare costs continue to rise, consumers are becoming increasingly responsible for out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of their health plan type. By pairing every health plan with a BCC Consumer-Directed Health Benefit Account, your clients will not only save money but also provide their employees with a better way to manage their healthcare spending.




3 Challenges Facing Brokers Today

Clients Are Demanding Digital Solutions

HR teams are embracing technology to better support employees and they're looking to their broker for solutions.

Employees Are Wanting Better Tools

Today's consumer expects instant access, ease-of-use, and tools to help them be successful, increasing the ask from clients.

Plans Are Getting More Complex

Your clients need powerful, yet flexible technology to support ever-changing needs, and benefits experts to build it correctly.


More Than Just Software

Technology is only as good as the people behind it. BCC brings subject matter experts who really know and understand benefits. Our highly skilled team of benefits professionals delivers results. Every time.

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One Smart Debit Card for Multiple Accounts

Employees don't want to manage multiple debit cards, and your clients don't want to either. BCC's SmartCare Debit Card can help.

  • A single debit card is used for all Health Benefit Account spending
  • Provides easy, immediate, and complication-free access to funds
  • Eliminates confusion by automatically paying for eligible expenses from the right account
  • Rules-based set-up ensure maximum flexibility for your clients

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Easy Technology & Amazing User Experience

SmartCare's member portal and mobile app means users can access the information they need anytime, anywhere. Your clients are demanding robust technology. BCC can help:

  • Offer employees convenient access to their account
  • Deliver powerful self-service capabilities plus education and decision support tools, saving your clients time
  • Employees view real-time balances and transactions, submit claims, access plan details, view important account alerts, and much more 

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Your Clients Will Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your clients look to you for solutions that make their lives easier. SmartCare's employee engagement tools do the heavy lifting for them.

  • Real-time administration platform automatically sends event-triggered alerts and notifications via text and email that keep employees informed about their account
  • Resources and support materials are available to educate employees and help them get the most value out of their account

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Personalized Investment Capabilities

Convenient self-directed mutual fund HSA investment options are managed by Devenir, allowing for:  

  • Easy online transfers between investment account and HSA cash account
  • Online access to account history, fund performance, statements, portfolio re-allocation, planning tools, and more through the BCC SmartCare Member Portal

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Simplified Employer Access

Quick and easy access to employee status, debit card status, enrollee lists, contributions, payroll, reconciliation, and much more.

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Which Plan Is Right For Your Clients?

Choosing the Right Plan

67% of organizations offer HSA incentives to increase employee engagement, such as first dollar matching or seeding money. But is an HSA the right account for your clients?

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