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California Legislative Updates

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Last week California’s Governor Newsom passed three new laws. 

A quick re-cap of what was passed and links to more details are summarized below.

  • AB-685: Requires employers to report an outbreak to local public health officials and employees within one business day, ensuring that employees are notified of an exposure in a timely manner.

  • SB-1159: Offers more access to workers’ compensation benefits for front-line, essential employees like health care workers and first responders, who test positive for COVID-19 amid the pandemic.

  • SB-1383: Applicable to employers with 5 employees or more, SB-1383 ensures unpaid job protection for employees who miss work to care for themselves or a sick family member.

An overview of each of these laws is available in this download.

To see the updates from the governor’s office on these laws, you can access the release statements here for AB-685 and SB-1159, and click here for SB-1383.