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Four Reasons Employees Dislike Open Enrollment

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Open enrollment should be an exciting time for employees to tailor their benefits package to their individual needs. But for many, it's a source of dread and confusion rather than an inviting opportunity.

While open enrollment feels like it's ages away, preparing now sets you up for success. Read on to see what problems employees face with open enrollment, and ways to address them.

The Problems

A MetLife survey reveals that despite the months of careful preparation by HR teams, the annual open enrollment period is met with about as much enthusiasm by American workers as asking for a raise. Why is there such a disconnect between HR's well-intentioned efforts and employees' negative perception of open enrollment? It often comes down to a few key pain points:

  1. Employees find the jargon and concepts around benefits confusing and difficult to understand.  
  2. Having to predict future healthcare needs to choose the right benefits can lead to 'analysis paralysis' and indecision. 
  3. Employees feel they don't have enough time to properly research and compare all the benefit options.
  4. The process can be overwhelming due to the piles of emails and paperwork involved. 

Some Solutions

With some innovative communication strategies and modern decision support tools, you can finally transform open enrollment from something employees hate into something they welcome. The path to engaged, confident benefits consumers starts with making the process simpler and less stressful. So where do you start? With the right partner. 

How BCC Alleviates the Pressures for HR & Employees

BCC is your partner for all things benefits administration. We help save HR teams massive amounts of time, keep them compliant with state and federal regulations, and support their employees in the process. 

Our technology platform, BenXcel2.0, consolidates disparate eligibility, captures all the rules and formulas of each coverage, and then streamlines benefits administration processes, all to help HR work more efficiently and focus on what really matters – your people.

What you get: 

  • Employees and members can easily navigate plan offerings anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Employees can compare benefit plans side-by-side, and access additional information about the plans via videos and documents in the moment, without having to leave the screen.
  • Our intuitive workflow and guided choice experience, they’ll see only the benefits they are eligible for and have an easier way to find what they need, without putting a strain on your HR team.
  • Plus, the administrator dashboard arms the HR team with all of the analytics, reports, custom communications and landing pages to make the process a breeze. 

Ease the burden on HR departments during open enrollment with BCC's flexible solutions, expertise, and advanced technology that personalizes benefits for each user. 

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