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How To Streamline COBRA Management (without Overhauling Your Systems)

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For many HR teams, managing COBRA requirements is a nightmare of manual processes and fraught with compliance risks. Having to track enrollment statuses, qualifying events, send timely notifications, collect payments, update carriers - it's an incredibly labor-intensive process ripe for costly errors.

But overhauling all your HR systems to get COBRA under control often feels even more disruptive and expensive. What if you could centralize and automate your entire COBRA administration without having to replace your existing HRIS and payroll platforms?

That's exactly what BCC’s software solution, BenXcel2.0, provides. It seamlessly integrates with your current HR systems to completely offload and streamline COBRA management. Here's how it works:

Once you mark an employee as terminated in your system, BenXcel2.0 automatically identifies them as a COBRA qualifying event and takes over from there:

  • The system processes all required paperwork and mailings to notify the qualified employee or beneficiary of their COBRA notices.
  • No more wrestling with confusing coupon books - BCC automatically sends monthly invoices for premium payments.
  • If the employee or beneficiary elects COBRA, the system securely collects payment and remits it back to the appropriate carrier.
  • Carriers also automatically receive weekly eligibility files updating them on new COBRA continuants.

By centralizing everything in one integrated hub, COBRA compliance becomes effortless. You mitigate risks of missed notifications, payment lapses, or other violations. Your staff is freed from endless administrative tasks. And your COBRA members get support directly from BCC, saving your HR Team valuable time.

BCC is committed to partnering with HR teams to lift this burden. BenXcel2.0 offers the seamless COBRA automation you need, without the disruption of overhauling all your systems. Streamline COBRA compliance while keeping your current infrastructure - that's the power of this integrated solution.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo of BenXcel2.0 today to see how easy crafting a best-in-class COBRA process can be.