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Weather Related Outages

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Benefit Coordinators Corporation (BCC) is currently experiencing company-wide connectivity issues due to severe weather in the Midwest.


On Monday, August 11th a severe weather system moved through the Midwest, causing widespread power and phone outages. The outage is affecting e-mails and phone calls to some BCC staff, potential disruptions i our Customer Service Call Center, and a delay to daily reporting and processing.


BCC's BenXcel and My SmartCare systems are fully functional.


BCC's IT team is working diligently to resolve the matter as quickly as possible; however, we are ultimately at the mercy of the public works teams in Iowa.


BCC is carefully working to provide staff with a safe, on-site work environment to ensure that operations continue through the severe weather clean up, while following all social distance guidelines.


If you have any concerns regarding this outage, please contact BCC's Enterprise Service Team at


We thank you for your patience and and continued partnership. We look forward to continuing to serve you well.