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Maximize Engagement By Integrating Financial Wellness

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Financial wellness is a huge topic for employees, especially in today's economy. Studies show that 4 of 5 employees report wanting personalized financial support from their employer and 90% of employees say that financial benefits that target their individual needs would help them to feel more invested at work. Financial wellness isn’t just a “nice to have” employee benefit, it’s a critical component of your recruiting, retention, wellness, and training strategy.

BCC can help you reach and educate your workforce on financial well-being through our industry-first integration with Pathwise Group.

One-Stop Shop for Personalized Financial Wellness

You work hard to build a benefits package that supports your employees in times of need and for the
long term. You want to ensure employees are getting the most from your benefits, but there are some
topics like personal finances that you’re not qualified to address.

BenXcel’s integration with Pathwise Financial Wellness Program provides valuable information to HR Teams to make smarter training and benefits decisions while offering employees personalized financial support. These systems provide a consistent and seamless financial wellness experience for your employees through this single sign-on integration.


An Easy Process Means A Great Employee Experience

Not all financial wellness programs are created equal. Many times programs offered through free resources or retirement plans only address one of the five areas of personal finance. And that’s a huge gap. With an independent provider like Pathwise, employees get holistic financial support.

Get in touch with us to see how quickly and easily you can support your employees today.

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